Online Demos are available. Please contact us for more information.
Audio Source Separation
Use an interactive algorithm to separate two mixed sources using the outputs of two microphones.
Blind Echo Cancellation
Recover the original signal from microphone outputs contaminated by echoes.
The following demos are components of the SNAP Toolbox and are only available to U.S. customers. Please contact us for more information.
STAP Toolbox
Select one of over 130 STAP algorithms and perform target detection.
OTR Toolbox
Create an adaptive smart transmit signal and receiver design strategy.
SBR Toolbox
Space Based Radar silmulation toolbox containing various STAP algorithms.
Web Enabled Computing
Interactive web computing allows authorized customers to access the host server at a secure ground command where various custom designed applications software are available. The user loads the data remotely and the custom computed output is displayed at the user's web site. Our STAP toolbox can be used currently to detect targets and estimate the parameters such as angle, Doppler and range contained in the user data by remote login onto the C & P Technologies, Inc. web server.
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