• Waveform Diversity for Multitasking
  • Endoclutter Nulling
  • Sythetic Aperture Radar Waveform and Reciever Design
  • Over-the-Horizon Radar

Past Projects:

  • Rapidly Adaptive Intelligent Radar (RAIR)
  • Space Based Radar (SBR)
  • Wideband STAP
  • Advanced Algorithm Development (AAD)


  • Mitigation of Radar Clutter
  • Multi-Static Radar for target tracking
  • Waveform Diversity for multitasking
  • Multi-Static Transmitter - Receiver design
  • Bi-Static Clutter Modeling
  • Link Discovery and Missing Data Recovery
  • Target Detection, Identification and Recognition
  • Nonstationary Signal Processing
  • Blind Target Identification
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